"Bob Mueller is on a jeehaad against Donald Trump."

Lou Dobbs, July 30, 2018.
"Damn special counsel, Robert Mueller..."
"the hell with Mueller..the hell with what he wants.."

After defending Trump Alan Dershowitz says “ Don’t you dare accuse me” of defending him.

Alan Dershowitz becomes unhinged on his own interpretation of former Assistant US District Attorney Mimi Rocah’s statement. She did not accuse him and yes he was defending Trump. See Dershowitz go ape at 16:40 in video.

Rep. Ron DeSantis, Florida Republican, or whatever he is

Rep. Ron DeSantis, of Florida tries to denigrate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and says Alexandria has socialism wrapped in ignorance. Alexandria responds by reminding him there are 75,000 Puerto Ricans that were forced to relocate from there island (a U.S. territory) to Florida and will be voting in the next election. And yes Rep DeSantis they are United States citizens.

Michael Avenati humiliates Alan Dershowitz

Michael Avenati to Dershowitz: “You need to stop talking about something you have no knowledge of” Alan Dershowitz: "I have to head out for a party". Obviously not a party at Martha's vineyard. Michael Avenati: "Good luck with that".