Burger King simplifies Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality is an extremely serious issue which may have been made confusing by the very term used to label it. You know when you are on the internet and encounter a long agonizing wait when downloading a document, a video clip, or watching your favorite live show. You get mad when the internet is slow, right? Currently that could happen if you are some distance from your wifi router or a hotspot.

Under current rules all customers, including businesses, pay the same charges for internet access. That means we have Net Neutrality.

Ajit Pai, handpicked Obama FCC Chairman, and ex Verizon lawyer with known bias against Net Neutrality is trying to repeal current laws in favor of large companies like, you guessed it; Verizon.

Let us call the new rules Net Priority. You don’t want sucky speed, pay through your nose and you will have fast internet. Hence most bandwidth will be directed towards people who will pay top dollar and will thus have Net Priority.

Thus, sucky internet speeds will become the norm for most of us who can’t afford to pay premium rates. Burger King has done a good job, highlighting this issue, with their video of the $25.99 Whopper for those who want immediate delivery. Under “Whopper Neutrality” everyone has been paying the same $4.99 price.

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